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LOCATION: Črna na Koroškem and the surrounding areas

INFORMATION: SK ČRNA - Tekaška sekcija (

The first mountain cycling centre has been active in Črna na Koroškem since 1995. The numerous mountain valleys in the area of Črna rise under the mighty Alpine tops. The forests are intertwined with a net of forest roads and cart tracks which offer almost endless possibilities for mountain cycling. In the nature and on the map there is a marked labyrinth of forest roads and cart tracks and connections between them. They have been named Tracks of Wilderness. The cycling paths were named after animals from the local area: Hedgehog circle, Squirrel circle, Rabbit circle, Fox circle, Lynx circle, Rooster circle, Buzzard circle... Some of the paths are marked with animal tracks on wooden columns. Starting points: Črna na Koroškem, Mežica, Jamnica. Total lenght of path: 350 km. Total number of tours: 12. Number of marked paths: 6. Lowest point: 495 above sea level. Highest point: 1.400 m above sea level.

LOCATION: Podpeca, Mitnek


The horseback riding club Krofla was established in October 2001 and was named after the stream that runs past the club in Podpeca, more exactly in Mitnek. At the moment the club has around 60 members. They have been handling horses for 10 years. Their basic goal is that all learners, horse lovers feel happy and safe while visiting them and to learn the basic handling of horses. Club Krofla also deals with therapeutic and pedagogic horseback riding, they offer horseback riding school, terrain riding, pedagogical and therapeutic riding and summer riding camps.

LOCATION: Pristava - Logi

INFORMATION: Ski club Črna - Cross country skiing section

The track is 3,5 kilometres long and is classified as an easy to medium difficult track and is appropriate for all recreational cross-country skiers and competitors of the younger categories. Due to the close location to the town centre it is also useful for shorter activities in the snow.

LOCATION: Bistra - Plaznik

INFORMATION: Ski club Črna - Cross country skiing section

Length of tracks 4,5 km is in majority dedicated to more difficult recreational cross-country skiing, but also for the training of the competitors of the local club. Because of the very diverse terrain and the possibility of preparing a fairly difficult to very difficult tracks with a combinatin of different bows it is acceptable for joggers who dedicate a lot of their time to activities in the snow and are in great physical condition.


LOCATION: Cultural hall Črna na Koroškem

The bowling alley is located in the basement spaces of the Culture hall in Črna, centre number 153, which is owned by Črna na Koroškem. From 2009 to 2010 the bowling alley was completely renewed and new machines and lanes were added. Bowling is possible on three lanes.

LOCATION: Črna na Koroškem

Right in the middle of Črna is the location of the ski slope appropriate for recreational and competitive skiing and also for slalom and giant slalom for all categories of skiers. The ski workers ensure 90 skiing days per year, if there is not enough snow they cover the slopes with artificial snow. The lenght of skiing tracks is about 3 kilometres, and they stretch across 15 hectares of surfaces. Skiing is possible also in the evening under the lights.