Center 101, 2393 Črna na Koroškem
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ČRNA NA KOROŠKEM: 586 m above sea level

NAJEVSKA LIME TREE: 1056 m above sea level



From the centre of the village we head west in the direction of Koprivna, past the bank to the stone bridge across Meža. We do not cross the bridge but walk few meters on the left side of the stream. Right behind the third house (Center 43) we leave the road, cross a field and get to the chart track under the cementery. We continue on this path until we get to the water distribution system. Here we look for a trail to the left which rises slightly above the chapel to the into the Rešer hill. When we see the view of the centre of Črna we must continue to climb to the right to the edge of the forest and follow it to the top of the hill. Above us we can already see the farm Kogelnik. The blazes lead us through the courtyard of the farm to a forest path from which we get to a macadam road which leads us from Črna to Najevska lime tree. To the left just a few steps down the road we get to some wooden steps on the right in the side of the road. Above the edge we follow a narrow path through blueberry bushes steeply up the hill and in a while we reach the other forest road. We cross it and again start to climb into the hill which levels out a bit near the top. We get to the mountain pass between the Veselkov top and Staneči top. From here we descent down a steep cart track which brings us out into the open, on a road only a few hundred meters from the lime tree. We follow this road to the Najevska lime tree. The path is easy.