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kralj matjaz legendaMany legends about king Matjaž survived and they tell tales of him and his life. In the Mežiška valley the most common story is the following:

Once upon a time, very long ago the Slovene lands were ruled by a rich and just king named Matjaž. He was the leaf of our mountain. Peace and happiness ruled the land. But form the east came a tribe of horrible Turks and the attacked the land.

In an unequal fight Matjaž and his army fought, but soldiers fell one after the other until only a few men were defending the land by the side of their king. When the king realized that the Turks are too strong he fled into the mountain with his men. And because he was a good king and a just ruler he was not killed because the mountain opened up for him and took him. There he now sleeps at a table with his sol - diers and when his beard will circle the table nine times the Slovene king will awake and come to save his people oppressed by foreigners.

The job of a miner is very difficult and dangerous. That is why they go to work calmly and quietly. Even in the mine they do not make noise so that they do not fall into disfavour with the Mountain man, who is in general a good spirit, but does not like shouting and whistling. Very rarely does a drunken miner dare to go into the tunnel or take a drink with him under the earth.

There where was the Fužine of Prevalje Farska village and Guštanj once extended, there used to be a lake. On the Temeln top at the banks of the lake was the home of a nobleman who had three beautiful daughters. The first was called Maria, the second Barbara and the third Rozalija. The daughters enjoyed riding a boat on the surface of the lake. The visited the nobleman on the other northern side of the lake where the railway tracks run today. One evening when they were returning home a terrible storm caused high waves on the lake and shook their boat like a walnut shell. There was no hope for them and all three daughters drowned.

Near the Kotnik farm under Plešivec on the forest borders between the lands Štajerka and Koroška was the place where the Forest man used to live. He had a monkey structure, furry arms, face and a white moustache. He walked in the eternal light on the hillside of the valley and yelled constantly: ‘’Hojoj, hojoj!’’ If anyone answered him or copied him he had the right to eat every woman who was outdoor alone after the evening bell-ringing.

Right in the place where the church stands today was once a lake, which was the home of the water man. St. Ursula was not there at that time. St. Ursula came from Croatia and first made her home on Poharica near Slovenj Gradec. Ursula did not like it there because the herders were making too much noise. She decided to move to another mountain.