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The centre of Črna na Koroškem was assessed by the National Evaluation Committee for the project My Country – Beautiful and Hospitable. When evaluations were finished, the Major of Črna took them to one of the largest tourist attractions here, to the mother of all Slovenian linden trees – the Najevska lipa. And what the dickens is that?! A sharp eye of Peter Ogorelec, a member of the evaluation committee noticed something really special. Take a good look at the photo! A giant snake! What is it doing there?

Najevska lipaFrom Konečnik it is not far to the Najevska lime tree which is the mother of all lime trees in Slovenia. It is estimated to be around 790 years old and the circumference is 10,56m.

The lime tree is 24 meters tall and hollow on the inside in the middle, and on the North side its bark is covered with moss and lichens. The entrance to the tree can be reached from its South side. The folk story tells that twelfth lime trees grew together at the Najevnik farm and that is why this lime tree is so grand and spectacular. In August 1991 the Slovene statesmen met for the first time at the Najevska lime tree. This event later became a tradition in our country.

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Božič's WaterfallNot far from the Božič farm, above Črna na Koroškem, flows a stream which forms quite a high waterfall. In the upper section the waterfall flows in a single mass, whereas in the lower section it branches into fine 'hair-like' streams of water. The waterfall is easily accessible and an outing here is suitable for everyone. There is a lot of water in the spring and autumn, but in the summer the waterfall is merely a moist wall.

Rezman WaterfallRezman waterfall is the most beautiful in Koroška. It is not among the highest of the falls – only 9m high, however viewing the falling waters is an extremely intensive experience.

Although the waterfall is hidden only 200 m from the road, it is very difficult to access due to the lack of path and slipperiness of the terrain. It would certainly be wonderful if a path could be made, so that the waterfall could become a real attraction in Črna na Koroškem.

helenski potokHellenic stream has its source under the Stopar top (1.027 m) and flows under St. Helena and Helenian mine. Except for small noise it does not create real waterfalls. The highest waterfall is 3 metres high and is due to the picturesque enough interesting to see.

Krajinski park ToplaTOPLA is the third wonderful Alp valley under the Southern walls of the mountain Peca. Because of its remarkable natural beauties it is protected as a natural park ‘’Krajinski park Topla’’ (Land Park Topla). The entire settlement is embraced by high mighty and remote farms Burjak, Florin, Kordež, Fajmut and Konečnik which are all surrounded by endless brushy spruce and larch forests. Extremely large and mighty farms in Topla can actually be considered as small settlements: ethnologists call them ‘’celki’’. All the farms are distinguished by remarkable architecture of the farm houses and store houses or corn houses.

pecaThe Peca (2.126 m) is the most extensive mountain of the eastern Karavanke and has the characteristic shape of a tableland with rocky peaks protruding from it. The Peca is a symbol of the region, together with the landscape pearl - the Topla valley, due to the fact that the country border runs across it and because according to legend, Kralj Matjaž (King Matjaž) is sleeping under it.

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Bistra Valley BISTRA is the first beautiful Alp valley in the upper Mežiška valley which is worth our attention. It is surrounded by rich spruce forests. This valley has always had a very rich and developed art of beekeeping. Everywhere in the area one can find old beehives typical for the region of Koroška, which are a speciality of the area as most of them have been preserved here.

SmrekovecThe Smrekovec (1.569 m) is the vast mountain chain of the extinct volcano, the top of which offers a view of the Celje basin, the forested Golte, and the valleys descending towards the upper current of the Savinja River.

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Govca is the highest top of Olševa highlands which is located above Solčava on the South side and Koprivna vas on the North East side. Because the top is not overgrown it offers a very nice to its neighbour Peca and Raduha. In the oposite way are very good seen center Grintovci, where Ojstrica stands out with its sharp shape. Olševa is very popular trip destination for inhabitants of Koroška and Štajerska.

MedvedČrna na Koroškem is also known for a bear which was killed by hunters in Bistra on 29th November 1963. That bear was stuffed and kept in a cage in the center of Črna till 2006 when it was replaced with another one.

RaduhaThe Raduha (2.062 m) is the easternmost ridge of the Savinja Alps. It is an extensive limestone mountain ridge with a steep cliff on its northern side, which is a true paradise for climbers.