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Podpeca - Succursal Church of St. HelenaThis succursal church of the Črna na Koroškem Parish lies at an altitude of 1026 metres. It is a simple single-nave church consecrated in 1477. It was originally built in the Gothic style but was completely rebuilt in the Baroque style in the 18th century. The church was thoroughly renovated in 1986. Today, the oldest, Gothic part of the building comprises a chapel and a chancel with a preserved Gothic-style pointed-arch window featuring a trefoil. The main altar depicts St. Helena wearing a crown and holding a cross. St. Helena is the patron saint of miners, treasure hunters and nail-makers and is invoked against fire and lightning. The church also features three bye-altars dedicated to St. Agnes, Our Lady and St. Rosalie. Remains of frescoes were discovered in the chancel during the renovation. The northern facade features a well-preserved fresco of St. Christopher. The church has three bronze bells, the smallest being from 1851 and the other two from 1926. A centuries-old linden tree stands near the church.

Črna na Koroškem - Parish Church of St. OswaldThe parish church is located at the heart of Črna and is dedicated to St. Oswald, patron saint of har-vesters and cattle and intercessor for the plague. The original parish of Črna na Koroškem is mentioned as a succursal of the parish of Šmihel pri Pli-berku in 1137 and became an independent parish in 1616. The church is an example of uniform neo-Romanesque architecture. Its present-day appearance dates back to 1885, when the church was renovated and consecrated following a fire.

The central altar depicts St. Oswald as a king in a crown, carrying a sceptre in one hand and a bird in the other. The church features two bye-altars dedicated to St. Mary and the Holy Cross. It also features a beautiful painted ceiling, frescoes of saints and stainedglass windows depicting the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary by the central altar. Three bells chime out calls to worship and prayer, the smallest from 1864, the middle from 1925 and the oldest a year older.

Above the cemetery, in the shade of three mighty linden trees, there stands the shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, an architectural masterpiece from the 18th century.

Cerkev Sv. Jakoba v Koprivni










Koprivna - The church of Sv. Ana with the Black Madonna Koprivna is another lovely Alpine valley in the upper reaches of the river Meža, among Raduha, Olševa and Peca. Both arms of the Koprivna rise on the other side of the border, in Austria. The Gothic church of Sv. Ana with the Black Madonna is in these parts.

It is constructed very simply, and its unique appearance contributes greatly to the fine Koprivna landscape. Jelen farmstead, by the church, is an exceptionally fine farm, and, as a whole, a unique ethnographic monument.

Javorje - Parish Church of St. Mary MagdaleneThe Javorje Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene lies east of Črna, at the highest point of the ridge running along the border between the Koroška and Štajerska regions. At an altitude of 1156 metres, it is the highest-lying parish church in Slovenia.

The church was first mentioned in the 14th century. Not many archival documents are available on its architectural history, however, and no Gothic features have been preserved in the church’s pre-sent-day architecture. It is an interesting reflection of folk architecture and art. A special feature of the central altar is the depiction of the Holy Trinity above the penitent Mary Magdalene. The church also features altars dedicated to St. Mary and St. Simon.

The church was originally a succursal of the ancient parish of Bleiburg and later a succursal of the parish of Črna. It separated from the parish as a curacy in 1789 and was promoted to a parish in 1792.

St. Mary Magdalene is the patron saint of penitent sinners, lead founders and children who have difficulties learning to walk and is invoked against bad weather and eye problems. Next to the church, there is a cemetery enclosed by a wall.