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Zelena pot na TeberThe path takes us through the forest areas that are once again green after the gasses of the former industry heavily damaged the forests. The path was created because of the encouragement of pupils and teachers of the primary school Črna na Koroškem and the foresters form the Institution for forests, the local unit of Črna na Koroškem.

The path is set in the foothills of Teber behind the primary school. The path has mostly an environmental role, the stress being on protecting our living environment – the forest and non-forest areas. The mosaic of the path consists of rocks such as bee house, forest floor, fruit growth, trees, forest, meadow, hunting, stream, growth, forest buzzard.

From the last stop point is it possible to continue the trail past the farm Matvoz to the ridge ob Teber above the Valley of death (today Valley of hope) or return on the path back to the valley.