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1 majThe residents of Črna travel to the mountain station on Pikovo every year on the 1st of May. Organization: The community Črna na Koroškem in association with societies from Črna - they provide free food for the hikers. The holiday of working is honoured by the festive speech given by the mayor of the community Črna na Koroškem and then the festivities cntinue with the sounds of the accordion.

The meeting of countrymen under the Najevska lime treeThe community Črna na Koroškem has been organizing the meeting of the countrymen under the Najevska lime tree – the oldest lime tree in Slovenia ever since the country gained its independence. Every year countrymen and politicians of the Republic Slovenia meet under the mighty treetop of the Najevska lime tree on the Ludranski top above Črna na Koroškem. It is a socially friendly event where traditional crafts are presented along with talents and activities of school children, societies in the town and different cultural achievements of the locals.

The gathering is visited by a large number of people every year, as for the politicians, one year more and one year less. The gatherings stand on a rich cultural program and a home-made cuisine offer which is free for all the guests of the gathering.

The people can meet the representatives of authority, economy, culture under the mighty treetop of the mother of all Slovene lime trees and chat to them or alert them on their problems and issues.

The tourist week of KoroškaIn August the tourist week of Koroška is organized every year in Črna na Koroškem by the Tourist Society Črna and the help of other communities and societies. It is a traditional event which is among the oldest in the country as it has been taking place since 1955. Every year they prepare 60 – 70 cultural, ethnographical, sports and fun events, exhibitions, lectures and stage performances. The central event is the whole day ‘’junk’’ fair which attracts large groups of visitors.

The winter event The Snow castles of King Matjaž takes place in the month of January, and it has taken place every year since 1993 on a flat area called Mitnek underneath Peca. The building teams come from all over Slovenia and even from the neighbour Austria and other European countries.

The central event of the Snow castles of king Matjaž is the competition of teams in building snow castles. The three day event is accompanied by a lively cultural and sports program which is entirely connected to the legend of King Matjaž. On Fridays there is also the event of the night slalom next to the torches for the trophy of king Matjaž, and Saturdays are dedicated entirely to building snow castles. The building of the castles is also accompanied every year by a fun cultural program (introduction of the teams, the choosing of Alenčica, performance of accordion players, fire show, the coming of king Matjaž, the announcement of results and the presentations of awards to the best teams. This is all accompanied by performances of well- known musicians.). Sundays are dedicated to spending time with families, interesting games are organized for children, for example: puppet shows, the hunt for the hidden treasure, building and painting of snow sculptures, possibilities of riding and many others.