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The cuisine of Črna has a lot of dishes which have disappeared from the menus in other parts of the land. The reason for this is in their preparation which demands a lot of time, knowledge and care. Here the housewives can still prepare traditional dishes such as "kocavi nudlni" (pear noodles), strukeljs, "mavželn" , "mežerle" (meat dish), "grumpi" (pork dish), "bula" (meat dish), "kruhov hren" (bread horse raddish) ... The speciality of this area is the bread, prepared in a stone oven according to an old unwritten recipe, and even after a few days it is unchanged and still tastes as good as on the day it was made.

Koroška is famous for its excellent cider, a traditional drink gained by alcoholic fermentation of juices made from old apples. The main characteristic is the use of apples that were not sprinkled with pesticides and the natural process of fermentation. But for the first welcome you will most likely be offered homemade spirits by the master. The most well appreciated and valuable "črničov šnops" - blueberry schnapps or "trpinovc" a spirit made from apples or pears.