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K-24 is the biggest hill challenge of Koroška. It was introduced to the world of extreme recreation in 1999 in the hotel Krnes, but its seat today is in the pub Lunder in Črna na Koroškem. Everyone who is able to complete the challenge becomes a K-24 member.

The challenge is to cross five of the largest mountain peaks in Koroška – the Uršlja mountain, Smrekovec, Raduha, Olševa and Peca in 24 hours. Before the start it is wise to register in the pub Lunder and then decide on the direction of travel which is circular in any case. It measures 80 km in length and 4.500 meters in ascent. Following the mountain guides it takes an uninterrupted 29 hours and 30 minutes to complete it. Ever since 2005 the entire path is marked and runs partly in the area near the border.

Video presentation Club 24