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A solid cast ball sculture standing in Črna today was the most ambitious solution in a row of Rotar's explorations of spherical geometric bodies with an open, cracked nucleus. The majority of his previous sculptures were made in bronze, less in stone. But this particular sculpture was made in steel during the Ravne Forma viva event where Rotar masterly used the raw texture of material which only gains on its expressive impression through rusting over the years.

Rotar won the distinguished national prize of Prešernov sklad (Prešern Fund) in 1971 for his exceptional opus of modernistic sculpturing in the 1960s, crowned with the Ravne works of sculpture.

The cave of King MatjažPeca (2126 m) is in the northern chain of the Eastern Karavanke and is the most extensive limestone mountain in the Meža valley. It is shaped like a high plateau, from which higher peaks project; the highest of them is Kordeževa glava (2126 m).

Plečnikov spomenikThe monument in the centre of Črna na Koroškem is dedicated to all Črna inhabitants who were killed in the 1st and 2nd World War and it was made by the largest Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. The monument was inaugurated on 31st August 1952.