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ŽERJAV: 480 m above sea level

NARAVSKE LEDINE: 1072 m above sea level



The marked path starts at AP Žerjav. in the first 100 metres we go towards Mežica past the fuel station and straight after the bridge over Meža right to the east, to the valley of Jazbina. First we walk through the mining settlement, and later the building become more and more rare. We walk past the last houses to the crssroads where the asphalt road ends. Here we turn left across a small bridge and continue on a macadam road. After 4 km or 1 hour of walking we get to a split in the road where we take the left turn nrtheast down a narrow forest road that rises slightly past the former farm Krstavčnik - now holiday home (Jazbina 19). The blazes lead us further down the road to the north-east. we cross a stream and after two curves we gain a bit altitude. A few more minutes of dusty road and we turn from the road to Rupah. The cart track road is our next path. It turns towards the east into the forest. After 100 meters we have to make sure we turn left, north from the path to another one that takes up the hill. In a long half circle we climb to on to the ridge. the ridge road soon ends and only a dark hollow seperates us from the sunny field right under the lodge. We turn right and at the edge of the forest we reach the lodge on Naravske ledine after a few meters. This path is considered to be easy.