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ČRNA NA KOROŠKEM: 586 m above sea level

SMREKOVEC: 1377 m above sea level (hut)



From AP in the centre of Črna we turn left towards the East in the direction of Šoštanj. The blazes lead us next to Javorski stream past the hotel Krnes, the medical centre and the school through the settlement Lampreče in lower Javorje. After 3 km or 45 minutes we get to the farmhouse Drol (Javorje 4). Here we leave the Javorska valley and the main road and walk to the right to the southeast into the valley of Koroška Kramarica to the Ludranski top. We have to stay on the asphalt road for another kilometre until we reach the settlement Prhanija, where we turn left over a bridge and past the settlement Grabnar (Ludranski top 12). We continue to Silvester (Ludranski top 9) on a macadam road. Above the farm we have to cross a footbridge and a field to the edge of the forest and from there we follow the cart tracks. After half an hour we get back on the road which we left before Silvester. Only a few steps and we leave the road and take the cart track path up to the left curve and then back to the right to our original direction. We find ourselves on Kramarica next to the chapel and monument dedicated to the fallen Partisans. We continue to Smrekovec by walking straight ahead and around the rocky ridge to a road that leads from Črna. If we follow it by car we get to the lodge on Smrekovec. We follow it for 2,5 km or 40 minutes. We leave the road following a path to the right which rises slightly and after 10 minutes it gets us to the wide fields before the lodge of Smrekovec.